Client funds

All client funds we receive are held by EZ SQUARE MT5. Where required, client funds will be paid into a trust account maintained by us with an authorised deposit- taking institution (ADI).

When you establish an account with EZ SQUARE you are identified as a retail client. This means that we provide you with information concerning the risks, benefits and features of the products traded on your account, as well as, the treatment of monies lodged with us (e.g., your initial margin deposit – ‘client monies’).

This may affect you because there are different rules for the handling and use of our clients’ monies for retail and wholesale clients. As a retail client EZ SQUARE MT5 is limited in the uses of those monies, while as a wholesale client SM Capital is allowed to utilise client monies more widely. It is important to remember in either case, retail and wholesale client monies are pooled separately in segregated accounts with an Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution (ADI).

Clients should take care to understand that our holding of client monies in one or more Segregated Accounts does not afford them absolute protection and that in the event of EZ SQUARE becoming insolvent clients become unsecured creditors. A further discussion on this topic is available in the Product Disclosure Statement and the Client Agreement.

  • Where required, client funds will be paid into a trust account maintained by SM Capital with an Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution (ADI).
  • Encryption technology is implemented to further provide a secure connection for extended protection of client information and their transactions.
  • EZ SQUARE is committed to providing complete transparency.